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Cory Weber

Cory Weber

Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant

You’re not in this alone. At Weber Immigration, we truly care about your success

Canadian-born Cory Weber is a Licensed Immigration Consultant at Weber Immigration. While he used to work in the Canadian aerospace industry monitoring airplane quality control, Cory decided to make a career change when he realized he wanted to make a bigger difference in the personal lives of others.

As Cory is Olena’s husband, he saw her working with immigration clients closely on a regular basis. That’s when he got a taste of what it would be like to help people from all around the world achieve their dreams. He has since helped numerous clients achieve their permanent residencies and he is known for his friendly, supportive, and informative consultations.

His background in quality control has undoubtedly made him a detail-oriented immigration consultant. With Cory’s help, you’ll be able to relax knowing that he has everything under control. Cory is a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan and he currently resides in his home province of Ontario with his family.

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