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Published: October 31, 2022


Express Entry: Invitation to Apply. Steps to follow after receiving an Invitation.

Written by: Weber Immigration - Team


Invitation To Apply (ITA). Main steps to follow.

The Invitation to Apply (ITA), also known as the electronic Application for Permanent Residence (eAPR), is the final step in the Express Entry system. The eAPR application asks you to submit documents that verify your personal information, as well as supporting materials.

Anyone who accepts an invitation to apply must follow a specific procedure and comply with IRCC’s instructions.

Only candidates who complete all these steps while meeting IRCC’s criteria are granted Permanent Resident status.

Accepting an ITA and gathering the required documents

After you have accepted an ITA, you’ll have 60 days to complete and submit the electronic eAPR. This application will have to be submitted to IRCC’s online web portal. You will have to scan and send all essential documents electronically.

Based on the information filled by the applicants in Express Entry Profile, they will be required to submit the following documents:

Documens Required for ITA Express Entry
  1. Marriage Certificate (If applicable)
  2. Passport or Travel document
  3. Medical Examination results
  4. Education (Degree/Diploma Certificates and Transcripts)
  5. Employment Records (Current and Past)
  6. Police Certificate
  7. Proof of Financial Means
  8. Digital photograph
  9. Proof of language proficiency

If you include your family members such as spouse and children, they may be required to submit their own documents in the application.

Declining an ITA.

After receiving an ITA, applicants can either accept or decline the offer. Candidates who decline an ITA will have their profiles reinstated in the Express Entry pool to be evaluated in future rounds of invitations, as long as they fulfill the minimal criteria for a federal economic immigration program. There is no guarantee that people who were invited to apply at a later date will get another invitation. However, declining an invitation has no impact on whether or not candidates may be invited to apply in the future.

What is the approximate time it takes to get an ITA?

The IRCC holds draws for Express Entry applicants on a regular basis. If you’re in the top tiers, you should receive an ITA within a few days to a few weeks. Your profile will be kept active in the Express Entry pool for 12 months, in case you are not chosen right away. If you don’t get an ITA after several months, it’s time to consider ways to improve your CRS score. You may wish to retake language tests or look into alternative programs.

Common mistakes made after accepting an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

Receiving an ITA is an important milestone in your attempt to become a Canadian permanent resident. It is the formal start of the immigration process. All applicants have to make sure they do not commit any mistakes after receiving an ITA. If you want to increase your chances of becoming a permanent resident, you should take some time to understand the process and what is expected of you.

The first thing you need to do after receiving your ITA is to fill out the application form completely and accurately. It is crucial to include all the required information and documents. How to avoid mistakes? How to be sure you have not included any incorrect information?

Review your Express Entry profile.

After receiving an ITA, your first step should be to double-check your EE profile and ensure that it is free of any errors or false information. If the immigration officers believe you intentionally lied in your profile or application, your application will be rejected, you will be deemed inadmissible and you may be banned from entering Canada for up to five years. Even if you can show that the mistake in your profile or application was not intentional, you may face penalties.

Re-verify your eligibility.

Once you’ve double-checked the details in the profile, your next step should be to re-verify your eligibility. Have the laws changed? Have rules governing different Express Entry streams changed? Simply check the program’s eligibility requirements again and make sure you still qualify for Canadian permanent residency.

If your application has been returned as incomplete.

IRCC may return your application if it is incomplete. In general, the immigration department sends applicants a letter and checklist explaining why the application has been returned and what is missing. Applicants who receive their applications back, have to make sure they can obtain all the missing documents. If the applicant cannot provide any of the required documents, he or she must write a letter explaining why the document cannot be provided. Then, the applicant should read the application guide to see whether anything has changed since the last application time. Note, in order to resubmit application, you have to get the new invitation!

The best option to avoid mistakes in an application is to use a licensed immigration consultant. A professional can help you understand the process and ensure that your application is error-free. At Weber Immigration Consulting, we provide comprehensive immigration services to guide you through the entire process from start to finish and help you submit a strong application. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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