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Published: January 16, 2023


Weber Immigration News for December 16-31

Written by: Weber Immigration - Team


Weber Immigration Consultants present the latest Immigration News for December. Canadian immigration news for the second half of December. Stay informed with our blog and remain aware of all the latest news and developments.

Canada set a new record for processing immigration applications in 2022

In 2022, Canada set a remarkable record for application processing. By November 30, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) had already processed over 670,000 study permits along with an astonishing 700,000 work permit applications. In addition, from April to November, Canada welcomed an incredible 251,000 new citizens – a remarkable feat exceeding the total number of new Canadian citizens welcomed in 2021. Canada firmly established a steady advancement toward welcoming over 431,000 permanent residents by the end of 2022.

The Canadian Government has reduced the immigration backlogs by nearly half a million while also processing a record-breaking number of immigration applications in 2022. On August 24, 2022, Sean Fraser, Immigration Minister, announced an innovative plan to bolster Canada’s immigration system by reducing application processing times. This initiative was mainly focused on addressing labour shortages in Canada, improving customer service experiences for applicants and connecting families separated from one another. Canada continues to welcome and support newcomers who come to Canada to work, study, and visit and upholds Canada’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive country.


The OINP invited new candidates under Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream

On December 19, 2022, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) held a new Tech Draw under Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream. In this round of invitations, the OINP targeted 936 candidates with work experience in in-demand occupations, with CRS Express Entry scores between 484-490 points. In 2022, the province invited 4,012 candidates under the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream.

In this draw, Ontario issued invitations to candidates working in one of the following occupations:

  • NOC 21211 Data Scientists
  • NOC 21231 Software engineers and designers
  • NOC 21230 Computer systems developers and programmers
  • NOC 21232 Software developers and programmers
  • NOC 21234 Web developers and programmers
  • NOC 21233 Web designers
  • NOC 21223 Database analysts and data administrators
  • NOC 21311 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

The Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream has been an astonishing success since its introduction in 2015. Those wishing to be considered under this OINP stream must first qualify for IRCC’s federal Express Entry pool under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program. Candidates cannot apply directly to this stream. First, they must receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) from the OINP based on their profile in the Express Entry system and then apply to the stream. The Human Capital Priorities Stream holds occasional Express Entry draws targeting candidates who fulfill the stream’s eligibility criteria and have experience working in in-demand tech occupations. Weber Immigration can provide invaluable advice regarding eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, fees, and more and determine if you qualify for the Human Capital Priorities Stream.

Iranian nationals are now eligible to apply for the pre-removal risk assessment

In light of the precarious circumstances in Iran, those who return may be at risk and warrant an additional assessment. Consequently, certain Iranians are now exempted from the 12-month bar on applying for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA), depending on when their refugee claim was decided. Accordingly, on December 19, 2022, the Canadian Government declared that Iranian nationals who obtained an unfavourable decision from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, the Federal Court, or a PRRA determination made by IRCC between December 20, 2021, and December 19, 2022, might be allowed to apply for PRRA.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) started to notify hundreds of Iranian nationals with enforceable removal orders that they could formally apply for a PRRA. Generally, if an individual’s refugee claim or PRRA application is declined, abandoned or retracted, and their leave to appeal and judicial review process in the Federal Court has been discarded, they become ineligible to request a PRRA for no less than 12 months. Applying for a PRRA does not guarantee approval, as each case will be judged on individual merits and the data provided. Therefore, it is important to keep all information regarding your application current and inform IRCC of any changes that occur to increase your chances of success.

Thunder Bay published the results of the last two draws

In December 2022, Thunder Bay, ON, published the results of two draws held in September and October in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP). On September 20, 2022, the city issued new community recommendations and approved the applications of 40 candidates whose evaluations scored as low as 47%. On October 18, 2022, Thunder Bay issued additional 66 community recommendations to candidates, with scores as low as 46%. In 2022, Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) recommended 281 candidates.

The RNIP enables employers to offer full-time permanent jobs to skilled foreign workers to fill labour shortages in the community. The RNIP Thunder Bay and Area cover both the areas of Thunder Bay and Rainy River District, making it a vast geographical region. CEDC carefully selects individuals with the required qualifications and experience to benefit Thunder Bay’s employers, who will then be considered for permanent residence by the Canadian Government. Ultimately, all applications must receive approval from the Federal Government before they gain this status. Since its commencement in November 2019, the Thunder Bay CEDC has recommended nearly 400 applicants for permanent residency through the RNIP and will continue to do so until February 2024.

Ontario invited 725 candidates under the Master’s Graduate stream

On December 21, 2022, the OINP selected applicants from the Expression of Interest system pool and invited 725 candidates under the Master’s Graduate stream. In this round, the minimum score was 46 points – the highest score for the stream in 2022. To be eligible for this stream, applicants must have completed their Master’s degree from one of the Designated Learning Institutions in Ontario. The OINP issued 3,890 invitations under the Master’s Graduate stream in 2022.

The Master’s Graduate stream is specifically designed to assist international students who have attained their Master’s degree from an accredited university in Ontario. Upon being nominated through this program, candidates apply for Permanent Residence with the Federal Government. Candidates do not need a job offer or professional background to qualify for the Master’s Graduate stream. Sufficient settlement funds are enough to obtain permanent residency under this program. The Master’s Graduate stream is not connected to Express Entry. Before 2021, such applications were submitted on paper making the processing time much longer. Currently, the IRCC accepts Master Graduate nominees via the new non-Express Entry PR portal.

Canadian employers are raising wages to draw more talent into the workforce

Employers across Canada are taking the initiative to combat a growing labour shortage by offering increased wages. The most recent Statistics Canada report revealed that the average hourly wage had soared 7.5% in one year, with many workers now earning an impressive $24.20 per hour. Moreover, wages for some in-demand occupations increased even higher than the national average. For example, wages for middle management in trades, transportation, production, and utilities increased by 10.8%, assisting occupations in support of health services increased by 10.7%, assemblers in manufacturing by 10.4%, while processing and manufacturing machine operators’ average hourly wages increased by 10.2%.

As Canada works to fill vacancies in the labour market, immigration is quickly becoming a top priority for government officials. In 2023, Express Entry programs are expected to introduce targeted draws geared towards fulfilling needs in particular industries across Canada. As job openings swell and salaries become increasingly competitive, now is the ideal time to consider new career prospects in Canada. If you also want to work in Canada, Weber Immigration can help you navigate the process easily. Our experienced professionals are ready to provide the necessary guidance and assistance to secure a visa and launch your career in Canada. Contact us today for more information.

The OINP reached its 2022 nomination allocation

On December 22, 2022, the provincial government of Ontario announced that the OINP had reached its 2022 nomination allocation, issuing 9,750 nominations under all streams. The OINP is still accepting and processing all new and submitted applications under the 2023 nomination allocation. All applicants are encouraged to track the progress of their application through the OINP’s e-Filing portal. The OINP remains committed to effectively and efficiently supporting economic immigration for the province’s future growth. In total, Ontario approved applications of 21,860 candidates under all streams of OINP in 2022.

The OINP will continue to prioritize and facilitate the entry of skilled foreign workers, as well as international students and graduates from Ontario universities and colleges, to fill job shortages across the province. From January to December 2022, Ontario issued 13,057 NOIs under Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities, Skilled Trades, and French-Speaking Skilled Worker streams. The province also issued 8,707 Invitations to Apply (ITA) under the Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker, International Student, and In-Demand Skills streams, and Masters Graduate and PhD Graduate streams. If you are interested in immigrating to Ontario through the OINP, Weber Immigration can help you reach your goals. Contact us today to get started on your immigration journey.

Canada expanded the list of eligible occupations under the Global Talent Stream

On December 22, 2022, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) expanded the Global Talent Stream profession list to 17 occupations. The extended list now incorporates five additional engineering positions – allowing more overseas professionals to be recruited into Canada. The recently qualified occupations include Civil Engineers (NOC 21300), Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NOC 21310), Mining Engineers (NOC 21330), Aerospace Engineers (NOC 21390) and Computer engineers ​(NOC 21311). Employers can now apply for a work permit to recruit skilled foreign workers in the 17 most in-demand occupations under the Global Talent Stream.

Canadian businesses looking for ways to cope with the labour shortage have been turning towards the Global Talent Stream of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). This program is incredibly efficient, as work permits and visa applications can usually be approved within two weeks, even with regular processing times. In this way, Canadian employers can quickly hire skilled foreign nationals to help them overcome their personnel challenges. If you are an employer who is interested in hiring a foreign national under the Global Talent Stream, Weber Immigration can help. Contact us today, and let us take the hassle out of the process.Weber Immigration offers a complete suite of immigration services, including Permanent Residency applications, Temporary Resident Visas, Study Permits and Work Permits. With our professional registered RCICs, we strive to make the immigration process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to find out more about how Weber Immigration can help you with your Canadian immigration needs.

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